Immerse yourself in the magic of Buško Lake

An unforgettable place with exceptional comfort, ultimate luxury and limitless freedom. This is Impact EcoLiving.

View of turquoise water, mountain panorama, nature as far as the eye can see. Lake Buško: an undiscovered oasis directly on the Mediterranean Sea. Here, in the coming years, 100 estates will be built to the highest European standards, covering a total area of 300,000 m².

Impact EcoLiving is aimed at people longing for an affordable second home or vacation accommodation on the Mediterranean, remoter workers and online entrepreneurs seeking a balance to the digital world in nature, investors looking to rent out their property and private individuals and retirees who want to enjoy their retirement home in tranquility.

Your villa is located on a hillside directly on the Buško Lake in a small village called Grabovica. The charming village is only 10 minutes away from the larger fully serviced towns of Tomislavgrad and Livno. The resort of Split on the Adriatic coast in Croatia can be reached in about 30 minutes by car.

Here at Lake Buško, an unobstructed property with exceptional luxury in an avant-garde style awaits you – the perfect place to switch off and enjoy a flair of personal deceleration, security and freedom.

Ready for a little round trip around Lake Buško?

Discover the hidden treasure of the Balkans

Ecology with impact

The Eco Impact Concept

The overall concept of Impact EcoLiving aims to create an „Eco Village“ – an ecological village that makes modern living in the new age not only environmentally friendly, but above all luxurious, comfortable, practical and affordable.

The concept is complemented to the ecological village Eco Selo, which in recent decades has created a tourist infrastructure in harmony with the original natural beauty of Lake Buško. Eco Selo is known throughout Europe as a resort hotel, event location and spa, attracting hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Due to its special location and unique conditions, more and more people from abroad have settled here in recent years, including many Germans and Swiss. Eco ImpactLiving offers sustainable living spaces to newcomers without exploiting nature for tourist or commercial purposes.

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Modern & ecological villas with lake view & mountain panorama

Project information

Imagine enjoying your morning coffee in a comfortable deck chair on the terrace, overlooking a beautiful turquoise lake. The densely overgrown mountains are illuminated by the sun and invite you to go hiking. You enjoy the warmth and think about what you want to do today.

Hiking in the untouched nature? Swimming in the lake? Visit the nearby beach promenade in Split, Croatia? Or perhaps a trip to see the wild horses in the highlands of the nearby Cincar Mountains?

Whatever you’re craving, you’ll find your own personal getaway in a place that was previously unknown to you. Until now.

Welcome to Impact EcoLiving – the perfect place to discover the breathtaking ambience of an undiscovered pearl in the Balkans.

In this phase, the construction project includes 8 housing units, built according to the highest European standards.

The houses are located on a hillside directly on the Buško Lake in a small charming village near Tomislavgrad. The village, inhabited mostly by Croats, is located in the northwest of Herzegovina.

Due to low construction costs, you can purchase a modern and high quality villa at a fraction of the cost of a comparable house in Central or Southern Europe. Your house is located about 150 m from the lake shore. In about 30 minutes by car you can reach the Mediterranean Sea in Split, Croatia.

You will enjoy the turquoise blue Lake Buško with mountain panorama on site and the Adriatic Mediterranean coast is just a stone’s throw away.

Your unique real estate opportunity

Benefits for investors

Benefits for residents

We take care of everything

Full Service

Impact EcoLiving offers you countless add-on options and excellent services you need for owner-occupancy and/or rental.

Thanks to our partner Eco-Selo Grabovica you will receive these and many other services for your Eco Villa.

Why Eco Impact Living?

This is what Impact EcoLiving stands for

Coincidence or fate? No matter what you believe in – the discovery of this magnificent place is a true gift and remained in our memories for months after our stay. What real estate investors search in vain for in Southern Europe, we found in the heart of the Balkans.

It quickly became clear that something great was going to be created here. A project that brings people together and creates a win-win for all involved – especially for nature and the local people.

Lake Buško holds a huge potential, which many Europeans are not yet aware of. The operators of the ecological village „Eco-Selo“ have recognized this opportunity and built a beautiful oasis a few years ago – just a few meters from the lake shore.

The cooperation with the eco-village Grabovica was the starting point for the „Busko Jezero Development“. A German project development company with the aim to capture the magic of the lake and allow you to experience nature in full bloom without sacrificing comfort.

With the first project Impact EcoLiving we are expanding the ecological village in Grabovica with state of the art Villas and at the same time supporting the development of a sustainable economy – climate neutral, social & ethical.

We are still far from offering the perfect solution to the challenges of our time. But Impact EcoLiving is a good start for all who want to take up this challenge and make an impact for a positive change.

We are additionally guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations

Über Uns

Buško Jezero Development

Our project development company specializes in the development and expansion of a sustainable economy at Buško Jezero (Buško Lake). The focus is on residential and retail projects, which will initially be carried out exclusively in the regions around the lake.

Thanks to our regional partners and a good network in the former Yugoslavian region, we have decisive knowledge of the market and can optimally assess where and which developments make sense.

The area around Lake Buško combines so many advantages for investors and residents than anywhere else in Europe. This unique location offers particularly fertile ground for an innovative construction project of the new age.

We can only profit if you profit. Customer benefit is therefore our #1 company value. The main focus is your economic interest, the satisfaction of all parties involved and a smooth realization of all plans in line with our Eco Impact concept to protect the environment.

So that you don’t have to worry about anything, we provide all the professional services you need for your property investment.

German founders, Croatian architects and Bosnian-Herzegovinian partners: our international team is looking forward to realize the broad expertise for your villa.

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